19 November 2010

Artist Portraits Part III

I have finished both the Lee and Leyendecker editorialized portraits, going back into both of them for corrections and such. Lee, I think, is fairly set. I have him here. Leyendecker requires a bit more fine-tuning, so he will be posted up shortly after Lee, once I feel good about it.

I had a blast working in watercolor on Lee. I was a bit apprehensive about getting it the way I wanted, as I have had annoyances lately with where my watercolor was going. But, through a several week period of philosophical and technical re-examination, and a brief re-freshment in my bout with oils on Leyendecker, I found my "zing" again and my watercolor direction is better.
Color reference for the face was key, for, while I can draw without too much reference, my color application is not yet strong enough to go it alone.
I have miles to go, but I think my application is more satisfactory and certainly in harmony with my drawing approach.

Artist Editorial Portrait, Alan Lee, Watercolor, 2010.

Leyendecker soon to follow.

Stage II, Capturing the West

I've sketched in a sort of "ghost" of foliage and landscape line for the Montana or Colorado inspired setting on this piece. Now I am working towards getting the wind-battered pines the way I want and firming up the horizon layers. Reference of geography and flora is key, as I have never been to the west. Some day.

Development, graphite, Mairin-Taj Caya 2010.

15 November 2010

Self-Portrait, Mentorship Idea, & Allusion

This is an idea I have had, which is in part a self-portrait, in part a means to explore some considerations I have for my mentorship, and in part a playful allusion to those adventure artists who visually documented the west of America. I like the idea of combining my wilderness experience and my illustrative interest on the page.
Consequently, I have an image in my mind entitled "Capturing the West", and this sketch, using myself and my clothes as reference, is the first stage of getting it out.

Sketch one, graphite, Mairin-Taj Caya 2010.

Also, I have been painting, so there will be posts for the finished versions of Leyendecker and Lee (shown below) soon.

12 November 2010

Linked In to networking...

Through a few contacts, Quinn Caya and Charlie Beyl, I have set up at LinkedIn for networking purposes, and am quite happy with the straightforward, crisp organization so far.
I am also working on my official website, as I think I need to streamline the aesthetic and connect it with my overall promotional work.
There should be some new concept work here soon.
Enjoy a beautiful Autumn.