20 August 2011

Curious Art Controversy

I find the new situation with Odd Nerdrum to be...curious. Looking into it lately, I encountered two quick sources of perspective concerning the matter, as a kind of introductory read. For those interested, please follow the links provided.

I should say more research and follow-through is best, should further depth of content be preferred. 

From Fantastic Visions: Art of an Other Perspective:

And from Richard Thomas Scott:

12 August 2011

M. Warren Lee Paintings and Drawings: New Paintings and Drawings

I recently discovered M Warren Lee by paging through the blogs, and quite serendipitously opened up his work to view. It is always a pleasure to learn of other representational watercolorists.
Check out what he has to offer and his curious current geographical location!

With respect,

M. Warren Lee Paintings and Drawings: New Paintings and Drawings: Welcome to the new Blog everyone. You can once again make comments on the work, which I..."