28 November 2012


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26 November 2012

The Urge To Portrait II

...Which brought me to revisit the concept of 'Self Portrait'. I haven't done one for quite a while. In fact, I was really only putting them down by my school's instigation. And of course before that, naturally. But the attempt had not been made since graduation, until now.

I enjoy the furrow - I like the many implications behind it, even though most associate a furrowed brow with anger, disappointment, or confusion. For me it frequently accompanies focus, inquiry, fascination, and contemplative amusement. So, I used it this time around.

Here I am as of age 24:

'Mairin-Taj Caya', Graphite, Self Portrait, 8x10", Sketchbook, 2012.

The Urge to Portrait I

Graphite doodling is a sketchbook thing. Portraiture is an 'inspiration by character' thing.

Here is what happens for me when the two worlds intersect...a Venn Diagram formed by 'graphite-doodling' circle one and 'portraitur-ing' circle two, if you will:

'Michael Roy', Graphite Portrait, 8x10", Sketchbook, 2012.

02 November 2012

In The Sketchbook...

There are plenty of continued projects I'm maneuvering to produce all at once, so here is a bit of a sampling of what is going on in my head, on the page, in the reference stage, and on the painting board.

Explanations, elaborations, and exposure on the underlying ideas will follow as more comes along, so please visit back and explore again soon!

*Note: Certain titles, descriptions, and otherwise possibly helpful information is given at the bottom of each image in this blog post. Thanks for reading!

Character Posturing & Anatomy, No Reference, 'Ruined Woman' Concept, Graphite, Sketchbook, 2012.
'Ruined Woman' Thumbs, Roughly 1x1 1/2", Graphite, Sketchbook, 2012.
'Blodeuwedd', The Mabinogion, Welsh Mythology Portrait, Graphite Drawing, 2012.
'Blodeuwedd', The Mabinogion, Welsh Mythology Portrait, Border & Dragon Design, Graphite, 2012.
Character Posturing & Anatomy, No Reference, 'Gandalf' "Halt!", The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien, Graphite, Sketchbook, 2012.
Character Posturing & Anatomy, 'Gandalf' "Halt!" - The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien, Graphite, Sketchbook, 2012.
Gandalf "Halt!" Thumbnail, Graphite, Sketchbook, 2012.
Sample PA Renaissance Faire Study Sketch, Roughly 10 Minutes, Graphite, Sketchbook, 2012.

More to come!
Please visit back, everyone.