Thursday, August 28, 2014

Painting Progress: 'Ghost Love' - The Warning Dream - Personal Piece

For those who missed it, or as a refresher on the concept, content details, and back-story, along with preliminary sketches, visit 'Ghost Love' part one HERE.

Ghost Love's scene of a Mediterranean coast, a patch of Van Gogh-like emotionally garish sky, and otherwise sea-storm clouds, torrential space and accosted figure is coming along. I have been developing the painting in amongst other projects and pursuits, July having been devoted to my journey North with accompanying plein air speed painting.

In the next few days the second part of a pair of clowns - of A Madcap Credo, that is - will be complete with the debut of September 1st's 'Eve', so check back for her.

And life figure studies, horse sketches, and new portfolio pieces are littering the Studio space.
More to come on that.

Now, here are some sneaks at the slowly finishing personal piece 'Ghost Love':

Hands, Ghost Love, Crop, Watercolor, 2014
Head, Ghost Love, Crop, Watercolor, 2014
Waves, Ghost Love, Crop, Watercolor, 2014
Van Gogh-esque Mediterranean Coast Sky, Dream, Ghost Love, Crop, Watercolor, 2014
Colorful Layering Painting Process, Ghost Love, Crop, Watercolor, 2014
To review, here is the graphite drawing that I am working off of:

'Ghost Love', Graphite, 13.5x18", 2014

That's all of a progress update for now, but visit back again for more underway in the Studio, and soon after the interim and it's other work, the finished painting of Ghost Love will be here with all the gory details behind completion.


Friday, August 22, 2014

What Happened To July?

So, where did I go for the entire month of July? What was I up to, out of the country? I'll give you a few hints - travel, art, research, reference, family.

Numerous photographs were taken, various studies and sketches taken down, plenty of notes, and some plans.

Here is a small sampling of the aforementioned imagery from July - a mix of art and photography - all from Canada:

Lake Country, Ontario, CA - Ten Minute Speed Plein Air, Watercolor, 2014

Westport, Ontario, CA - Three Minute Speed Plein Air, Watercolor, 2014
'Water Gore'

Canals and Rivers, Ontario, CA - Five Minute Speed Plein Air, Watercolor, 2014

'In the Name of Hogan' (My Irish Clan)  
 (Where my sires walked, tending the land, as they did on the Old Sod, before) 

Irish Family Farm, Ontario, CA - Roughly 15 Minute Speed Plein Air, Watercolor 2014

Happy adventuring!

Monday, June 23, 2014

'Ghost Love' - The Warning Dream

'Ghost Love' crystallized under a different title, but it was a title that served as a foundation for the true identity of the concept - ghost love - which was a phrase used between myself and the participant of the life experience alluded to. I decided that using the phrase we had favored in conversation for the final title was most descriptively succinct. I will keep the original title to myself.

There was also a dream, a very vivid dream, that I afterwards referred to as 'The Warning Dream', which featured exactly the scene of (what will be more colorfully apparent in the painted version) the Mediterranean coast, a patch of Van Gogh-like emotionally garish sky, and otherwise swiftly moving, realistic sea-storm clouds and rain beyond a small cliff edge, merging into the torrential space of the accosted figure somewhat disengaged from the geography below.

But the rest of the intricacies and small, significant moments will wait until the painting is finished. Until further elaboration, here is the final preliminary graphite drawing for 'Ghost Love':

'Ghost Love', Pre-Painting, Graphite, Rough, 2014
'Ghost Love', Detail One, Graphite, 2014
'Ghost Love', Detail Two, Graphite, 2014
'Ghost Love', Detail Three, Graphite, 2014
Process Photo One, 2014
Process Photo Two, 2014

The drawing is set up for transfer to the painting stage and will maintain it's dimensions of 13.5x18".

In the next installment of this piece, I will address the gesture, the hands in their color form, and the quality of drowning.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Hypnos & Pasithea Part III

For both initial sketches, background, content explanation, and the 'Hypnos' piece component of this project, visit Part I and Part II, respectively.

Now, 'Pasithea' - one of the youngest of the Graces, or 'Kharites', representing relaxation and visions.  Poppy blooms tumble about her, for her association with hallucination and Hypnos, whose symbol is the poppy.
Pasithea's name in Greek is at the bottom, with the English version reflected back at the top.

'Pasithea', Watercolor & white acrylic, 2014.
'Pasithea', Detail, Watercolor & white acrylic, 2014.
'Hypnos & Pasithea', Watercolor & white acrylic, 2014.

These dual portraits do not require paired representation. They can be separate in showing and in purchase, but I thought I'd show what they look like next to one another, as an option.

To purchase prints - Shop here

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My First Film Poster & Premiere - Shop MFTOH Film Posters & Products

Thanks to Joe Fleischman for the quick shot of me!
Premiere Day! May 18th & Recap - Scroll Down for more to Purchase the Poster, T-Shirts, and the DVD!

In the Spring of 2013 I got started on the painting for the film poster commission I received at the end of 2012 - 'My Father, the Old Horse', a short film by director/writer Max Einhorn and producer/writer Cara Trabucco.

This May 18th it was at long last premiered in the second oldest, continuously operating theater in the country, the characteristically charming Elks Theater in Middletown, PA, which is currently fighting for preservation and shows movies weekly.
Elks Theater Official Website

There were many posters up that day, small and large, in the original format as well as a modified promotional purposes version, as seen in the picture above, outside the Theater.

And here are a few shots, one of the director Max Einhorn by the same entrance piece:

Director Max Einhorn by the entrance poster.
Me and the unfailingly supportive, handsome Joe Fleischman.
 *Photography courtesy of Chevi Chevalier -

Purchase the Poster!
Want some memorabilia of the day, the poster, or the film itself? You can purchase small and large prints of my MFTOH poster, the t-shirts, and regular or blue-ray DVD copies HERE.

Also! For a bargain price you can purchase a framed 11x17" autographed poster by yours truly and the cast and crew HERE - But hurry, there are only seven left in stock!

'My Father, the Old Horse' Official Film Poster - Mairin-Taj Caya, 2014.

***Special gratitude to Thomas Roy, Ruth Roy, and most fondly - always - Michael Roy, for everything, including this work experience. I will never forget.