04 November 2011

Pleasures of Autumn...

I have been starting new work, and getting quite in the full throw of it, so my recent absence from the world of the blog has been due to that, as well as seasonal festivities.

Being in the delicious habit of running several times a week, I have encountered lovely pockets of natural reference.
I now have a functioning camera again as well, so you can be sure I've taken it up with frequent enthusiasm. Here are some samples of the sort of moments I collect.

Parrish-esque Trees & Sky

I also enjoyed some of the best autumnal craft-work one can have - carving pumpkins. Not having done it in several years mind, I had a bit of a time getting used to it again. But I did have a friend enjoying the process with me.
We made a stars and moons design on a white pumpkin, and two faces on an orange one; one side had a simple smiling face, and the other had a winking face.

My cat Lugh
My cat Samael

Farewell, October!

Greetings, November, and the smell of winter!
(More to come, shortly)