11 March 2013

Color Play with the Figure

I am an avid student of the human form. I think scientifically, psychologically, aesthetically, it has such power and validity in day to day life, not to mention in the chronicle of human understanding. Without going off on a tangential discussion of philosophy with our bodies, I'll summarize by saying that studying the figure, in all its multifaceted applications and attitudes, is a strong component of my work.
This of course means keeping up on looking at, understanding, and translating the figure as well as can be managed. And to be honest, I'm not the sort to impose a regimen on my sketchbook time. For me, it is tried and true, clocking in for study is not imperative; studying is.

Recently, on one of those wonderful whims, I switched from gorgeous graphite and white paper to several vivid colored pencils and a mildly toned, textured hand-made paper sketchbook. I'll be working more with this approach in the near future, so pleasantly did my brief step into this method go, but here are the two initial trial runs.

Female Figure I, Colored Pencil on Hand-Made Paper, Sketchbook, 2013
Female Figure II, Colored Pencil on Hand-Made Paper, Sketchbook, 2013
And no, I did not leave by the wayside my favorite graphite approach. I'll be working in that all the way through.
More to follow, in this and other art endeavors.

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