18 December 2012

Holiday Hours Notice - The Shop

While I will unavoidably be working away in amidst the family and friends visiting for this holiday season, I have to draw the line where necessary.
From December 18th through January 2nd all purchases of greeting cards and prints are absolutely welcome - encouraged! - however, please keep in mind:

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Also! Feel welcome at any point to contact me with inquiries or concerns. I will be happy to reply.

Thank you - again - for your patience and support. A very merry next few weeks of festivities to all.

15 December 2012

Pillar Lounge Arts & Crafts Flea Market

On a bit of last minute whim, I signed up for a booth at the Pillar Lounge Arts & Crafts Flea Market in down town Lancaster just a week ago.

Today was the event.

Assigned booths - Mine is behind the fireplace.
Across the way, the fellow vendors.

I have not been a vendor before, but I came away from the experience quite pleased with my decision to be involved. It was a mild but steady flow of browsers and the day was fine for it. I certainly gleaned various insight into methods of self-improvement!

Photo courtesy of Emily Atkins. And we had couches to lounge on for the day...It is called the Pillar 'Lounge'.

My sincere appreciation to college buddy Emily for coming down (and taking a few pictures with me in the frame for proof), as well as the abundantly supportive presence of my Michael (unfortunately not photographed here). And it was good to talk to some other PCAD students and alumni.

I had protected works on display, packages of ten cards and envelopes, single cards with envelopes, business cards, and a printed sign-up form for my newsletter...Extras on the side.
Emily pulling a weird face for the camera while visiting the show.
For more, check out my website! http://www.mairintajcaya.com/greetings--prints.html

Happy Holidays!
Keep well.

14 December 2012

The Shop - Winter Reveal

My website now has a shop for browsing and purchasing available greeting cards, various prints, and the occasional watercolor or graphite original work, signed and dated.

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If you have any questions regarding the sales, or would like to contact me about specific order requests, there are regular links to 'Contact the artist' throughout the shop. Please feel welcome to any inquiries you may have!

All works sold are packaged in a protective plastic covering and are reinforced with backing board, unless rolled in a tube for larger print orders. Cards and their envelopes may be purchased by singles or in larger quantities.

Limited edition prints, signed and dated, will be available for certain works.
All copyright of art displayed belongs to Mairin-Taj Caya. Please do not copy, distribute, reproduce, or use my work without my permission. Purchases of artwork and/or prints do not entitle the buyer to reproductive rights.


If you are interested in learning more about my work, current news and projects, or receiving direct notice of the studio's events, click on the link below to submit your name and e-mail for my official newsletter!

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Here's to merry holidays wrapping up the year of 2012, and a very prosperous 2013 for all to come!
Next up - office hours for the season's festivities, and work update.