15 April 2011

Official Website

I've got my website updated and ready to view! Feel welcome to post any comments, as always.
Mairin-Taj Caya Illustration

04 April 2011

Capturing the West

I have never been to the American West, but I have drawn outside, as well as hiked extensively, and this piece was composed for my second mentorship painting as part of a graduation requirement for PCA&D.
It is both a self-portrait (I put in some personal symbolism) and an exploration of landscape and atmosphere in the watercolor medium, which is still in its infancy concerning my use of it. It is also, in a minor way, an allusion to the earlier days of America, when exploring and mapping the wild, mysterious West was important.

I had a great time figuring this piece out, and I look forward to doing likewise with other works.
This piece will be used for my promotional postcard for Senior Show at PCA&D, as well as my main gallery piece on display.

"Capturing the West", 17 1/2 x 22", Watercolor, 2011.

Thanks to Gary Lippincott, for his helpful advice.
Printed material will be posted soon!