17 March 2011

Sample Thesis Work In Progress

I am in for the brief spell of time to work on thesis paintings amidst all the "busy work". Here is a sample sketch and painting for my work on Iron John.
I am really excited about working on the four thesis pieces with the fifth separate show piece. I really hope my results are satisfactory!

Iron John's face is going to be changing a bit in the process - as you can see - inevitably. 

Iron John, Full Title/Cover, 16 1/2 x 25 1/2", Watercolor, 2011.
Iron John, Full Title/Cover, Pencil Sketch, 2011.

08 March 2011

Concepts for Character Design

Having to come up with character design for certain people called Newlies from the book The Prophecy Machine, by Neal Barret, Jr., I worked with the character known as the Mycer Seer, a mostly human female Seer, or oracle of sorts, who has mouse-like remnants in her physical and behavioral traits. I took from the sparse descriptions of mycers in the book to accentuate my idea.
I greatly enjoyed working through my thoughts on this, touching on different ethnic influences, ages, aesthetic, and size.

The final concept, shown first, features an acorn necklace and mice-print pattern on belt, to allude to her mouse-heritage, as well as inky mouse-like eyes and subtle, rounded ears. I limited her decoration to earrings, and gave her herb/spice pouches, as the text talks about her musty, spicy atmosphere. 

Final Concept, graphite. 2011.
Final Concept, side, graphite. 2011.
Working Concept, Right Direction. 3/4, graphite. 2011
Less "Seer" version, graphite. 2011.

One of original directions, graphite. 2011.
Another of original directions, graphite. 2011.

Literary note: The Prophecy Machine is one of the worst attempts at effective story-telling I have ever read, lacking in integrity of world aesthetic, character development, setting, plot, theme, and narration. A farce of story-telling.