27 August 2012

Mermaid Greeting!

I also - a while ago - posted a doodle of a mermaid from my sketchbook ('In The Studio', http://mairintajcaya.blogspot.com/2012/05/in-studio_17.html).

It was something fun I ended up re-working from a series of mermaid gestures farther back, which then evolved into a slightly more engaging concept revolving around greeting cards sending off even to fantastical recipients. I made the carrier of the message a gannet bird, partly because they are sea-fairing, coastal birds, and partly because I am quite fond of them.
It was simple experimentation and entertainment. And I uncovered yet another piece of the creative puzzle through working on it.

But there is so much more coming out of it! To be continued, shortly...

Here are some process photos I took while exploring the painting, then the finished piece, followed by a few detail crops.

Sketchbook and painting, in the studio, 2012.
Building and figuring, Watercolor, 2012.
'Mermaid Greeting', Completed, Watercolor, 2012.
Gannet Detail, 2012.
Tail Detail, 2012.

Comments are welcome.

 New sketches, character portraits, and painting processes to come!

25 August 2012

'Thank You' Doodle Experimentation

A while back I posted a handful of imagery from my sketchbook featuring a few things ('In The Studio' http://mairintajcaya.blogspot.com/2012/05/in-studio_17.html), one of which was a doodle of a man in a courtly tunic and hose, bowing - in what is is hoped to be viewed as an appreciative way - towards the viewer.

Well, I wanted a little experimentation mixed in with other projects (more of which will be posted here shortly, as well as on the website), so I put the doodle on some watercolor paper and came up with the following. I took a few 'process' photos as I went, really just for my own sake. I'm learning more from phases of painting, where I go too far on something, where I could have changed direction, that sort of thing.
So, here goes:

At the desk in the studio...From drawing to painting.
Process Photo, at the desk.
Completed Scan.
Detail Scan Crop.

I took notes as I worked, as I have taken to do from time to time while in the studio. I am gaining my ground as an artist, trying to analyze the process to better understand - and therefore work with - what works and what doesn't. So, this piece left me with a quizzical expression, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, no?

I have been away from the internet for some time, so a bunch of recent work will be uploaded here shortly. I've done all the scanning and editing, I just need to post! I also need to update my website...


14 August 2012

Moss Works Quilting; My Mom's Portfolio Website

My mother has been a quilter and a seamstress - an artist - all her life. She even experimented in oil painting and drawing throughout her youth.

Growing up, it was common for us both to pass a long, quiet evening listening to Loreena McKennitt and coloring together, in mature-content coloring books like 'Life In A Medieval Castle and Village' by John Green, or 'Goddesses of the Celts' by Jennifer Evans. We would often sketch outdoors, on a trail or in the garden, and inevitably compare composition or content ideas for a new project.

Anyways, now my mom has branched out a bit. You can browse her current studio work, her 'Heirloom Tomato' pin cushions and other gift items, or her portfolio of work at her new website, here:


Here are some sample captures of a few tapestry pieces she has done over the years (most recent at the bottom):

'Cezanne's Mont Saint Victoire' 18x13 1/2", 1998. Karen Caya Copyright 2012.
Detail, 'Cezanne's Mont Saint Victoire', 1998. Karen Caya Copyright 2012.
Gauguin's Beach Tahitian Nymphs, 26x15", 1998. Karen Caya Copyright 2012.
'Autumn Celebration', 2002. Karen Caya Copyright 2012.

Detail, 'Autumn Celebration', 2002. Karen Caya Copyright 2012. 
'Eggs 'n Feathers', 31 1/2x21 1/2", 2005. Karen Caya Copyright 2012.
Detail, 'Eggs 'n Feathers', 31 1/2x21 1/2", 2005. Karen Caya Copyright 2012.
Work in Progress!
Work In Progress, Detail, 'Summer', 2010-12. Karen Caya Copyright 2012.
Work In Progress, Detail, 'Summer', 2010-12. Karen Caya Copyright 2012.

Moss Works Quilting