27 February 2014

Summarizing 2013 - Doodle, Paint, and Photo of Ren Faire Days

I'm going to interject this brief conclusion to a tumultuous year out of Studio equilibrium before then catching up on the new 2014 intensive illustration world's projects.

In my time working as the lone and sole Sign Painter for the PA Renaissance Faire - located in Amish country Mount Hope, PA - which was a primary focus of the majority of 2013, I worked through a huge paradigm shift for studio and personal life, both.

Freelance illustration took a sabbatical. 

Life sketching and photo reference excursions became the focus of my creative outlet, as the technical execution of the Faire's season-wide sign demands in no way fulfilled this integral component, yet severely restricted my schedule and maneuverability.

And the theme of 2013's Festival season? Pirate Invasion!

Here is my summary of that year's glimpse of going-it with the gypsies, camping near the raucous cast, and becoming familiar with that particular plot of isolated, fantasy-land property:

'Pirate Invasion 2013', Watercolor, 2013
And the following are a few simple, sample endeavors of my time there, where living amongst the charade of fantasy Renaissance lends ever interesting subjects for sketching, photography, even endless observation:

'Dancing with the Trees', Child patron playing by a performance on a Faire weekend, and property trees, Graphite, 2013.

Various male aspects of patrons, Graphite, 2013.
'Rain Gourd Grin', Whimsy in the Rain, Autumn Prop On Property, Watercolor & White Acrylic, 2013.
And finally - Sign Shop work - from 'No Smoking' notices to Knights and Cauldrons, day in, day out. Here's a small sampling of the daily demand:

And that is the end of that adventure.

Now! Welcome 2014, and the many works...