04 May 2016

"Currently In Show" - Beyond the Surface: A Survey of Contemporary Drawing

For May!

New work of mine is a part of an excellent and insightful invitational drawing exhibition curated by my friend and colleague Evan Kitson, for the Red Raven Art Company.

Finally see the work of twin allegorical drawings "Patience" and "Intuition" (*sold) that I've been working on and have had done and custom framed in eager anticipation for the event.

As with all of my work, I get over it rather fast, so its older for me than for audiences, but nevertheless...

Follow the process of creation in the following blog post for the new works, for more contextual technique and storyline!

The opening reception for "Beyond the Surface: A Survey of Contemporary Drawing"

The window display for Beyond the Surface, a curated survey of contemporary drawing, at Red Raven Art Company in Lancaster, PA. Art in the window by Danielle Synopsis Brown, Randall DiGiuseppe, Mairin-Taj Caya, and David M Stallings

Stop by and see these framed beauties out in the real world for the first time!

"Intuition" and "Patience", from left to right, respectively, framed and ready!

See you at the Red Raven Art Company Gallery this month, through the end of May!


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