02 December 2010

Stage III, Capturing the West

After tackling many other prompts, I've managed to get to finished this. I think "finish" might still mean a tiny bit of fiddling, but that is as it should be with this sort of thing.
I am looking forward to the large scale watercolor, though! I plan to get to that stage over the break.

Capturing the West, revised drawing. Mairin-Taj Caya 2011.


  1. Very nice, I love those trees! Very expressive. I took a look through your blog and your work is looking great, keep up the good work.

    On a side note; I noticed you said you were having trouble with oils and were happy to return to watercolors on this latest piece. I found this interesting because in my own personal work recently I have been returning to working traditional and even exploring watercolors. I don't think oil painting is meant for everyone, nor should it be...just follow what you feel is best for you I guess, sometimes I think I settled into learning to paint only in oils when I was in PCAD and limited my options.


  2. Hey Lisandro,
    Thanks for the comments! I appreciate your input.

    What I meant with the most recent oils comment is that I wanted to go back to the Leyendecker piece again because I had even less time to work on it than on the new watercolor Lee; I mentioned that what work I did have on the Leyendecker
    was actually refreshing and it helped revitalize my new approach with my water-coloring. I essentially re-adjusted my trajectory with both mediums after a good analysis of some things and found I was liking what I was doing again.
    One of the many problems I noticed with the curriculum was that I was being encouraged only to explore watercolor and thus shunting my interest in oils aside. The result was dissatisfaction with my watercolors and with not playing around enough in both mediums.
    I think I've managed to fix those deficiencies of late, and my work is much more on target than it has been.

    It is interesting to hear you are revisiting traditional media. Have fun!