08 March 2011

Concepts for Character Design

Having to come up with character design for certain people called Newlies from the book The Prophecy Machine, by Neal Barret, Jr., I worked with the character known as the Mycer Seer, a mostly human female Seer, or oracle of sorts, who has mouse-like remnants in her physical and behavioral traits. I took from the sparse descriptions of mycers in the book to accentuate my idea.
I greatly enjoyed working through my thoughts on this, touching on different ethnic influences, ages, aesthetic, and size.

The final concept, shown first, features an acorn necklace and mice-print pattern on belt, to allude to her mouse-heritage, as well as inky mouse-like eyes and subtle, rounded ears. I limited her decoration to earrings, and gave her herb/spice pouches, as the text talks about her musty, spicy atmosphere. 

Final Concept, graphite. 2011.
Final Concept, side, graphite. 2011.
Working Concept, Right Direction. 3/4, graphite. 2011
Less "Seer" version, graphite. 2011.

One of original directions, graphite. 2011.
Another of original directions, graphite. 2011.

Literary note: The Prophecy Machine is one of the worst attempts at effective story-telling I have ever read, lacking in integrity of world aesthetic, character development, setting, plot, theme, and narration. A farce of story-telling.      


  1. Most realistic!!! You have an excellent skill in gently merging the totem charactistics with the human side of the female: the fine, soft hairline,wrinkled clothing gathers,the belt naturally "weighty" wooden sit-stool,folded fingers, etc. genuinely an honest rendering of anatomy without any "clunky" made-uplook to it. I appreciate these interesting explorations of art. K.C.-Moss

  2. More good concepts from awful prompts - you have an incredible talent for crafting value, even from value-less medium.