17 May 2012

In the Studio...

Well, the blog has had some troubles, technical and otherwise, though I am attempting a new post to see if some of the problems have been sorted out.

Back at the beginning:
Earlier on I put up a 'glimpse of skin' for the painting currently in progress on my facebook page - the sketch of which can be seen two posts below, or at http://mairintajcaya.blogspot.com/2012/03/brigit.html - but I thought, while taking the time to show some upcoming project doodles, I should make an official showing of the 'preview' here as well. A kind of 'mish-mash' post of what is going on in the discontent that is my studio right now.

First 'Brigit' preview:

'Brigit', Watercolor, Details One, 2012

Sketches for Upcoming Projects:

'Gryphons' One, Graphite, 2012
'Gryphons' Two, Graphite, 2012
'Mermaid' Concept, Graphite, 2012
Bowing Man, Doodling, Graphite, 2012

Imagined Faces - Doodles:

I think I was relaxed in the process of imagining characters, or general ethnic features, and attempting to capture some indication of these things in my sketchbook.

I was thinking something Germanic and classically heroic in the first male face. The second face, female, I kept thinking what I might want to do with a 'Snow White' type, the third face was a brief attempt at the thought of an Indian girl, and the last male face emerged as possibly Minoan. I am not determined to perceive the results with set cultural associations, but I was intrigued at the time of my doodling at what was coming to mind and how I was going about putting it down.

So, let's see if this works, and - otherwise - I will sort out the studio some more, as best I can.

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