04 August 2013

'The Draw' Final & Process Samples

'The Draw' - Heralding the New

'The Draw', Watercolor, 2013.
Vision, focus, aim, conviction, as herald of the creative direction I discussed in my previous post, Illustration Underground.

     "My personal work is forming a kind of thesis, or at least collection, which illustrates the tenacity for life that I wish to embody. With all the challenges dominant...I must more than ever process the struggle creatively.
Woods - and clearings in woods - mermaids, birds of prey, roses, knives, archery, stronger light and shadow, abundant nature, particular flowers, some form of a confrontation, and some level of violence are all important to these new concepts".

'The Draw', Process Sample One, 2013.
'The Draw', Process Sample Two, 2013.
'The Draw', Process Sample Three, 2013.

Coming next - 'In the Garden', and an untitled celebration piece!



  1. Hi Mairin-Taj,
    I really love the basic drawing of this piece but in my opinion the colours look a bit too dry and thus too 'restless'. In view of the subject of your picture I would have expected a more watery and fluid approach with a lot of colour blurring.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Not sure I agree with Marco! I just know it captures my attention, vividly!