28 August 2014

Painting Progress: 'Ghost Love' - The Warning Dream - Personal Piece

For those who missed it, or as a refresher on the concept, content details, and back-story, along with preliminary sketches, visit 'Ghost Love' part one HERE.

Ghost Love's scene of a Mediterranean coast, a patch of Van Gogh-like emotionally garish sky, and otherwise sea-storm clouds, torrential space and accosted figure is coming along. I have been developing the painting in amongst other projects and pursuits, July having been devoted to my journey North with accompanying plein air speed painting.

In the next few days the second part of a pair of clowns - of A Madcap Credo, that is - will be complete with the debut of September 1st's 'Eve', so check back for her.

And life figure studies, horse sketches, and new portfolio pieces are littering the Studio space.
More to come on that.

Now, here are some sneaks at the slowly finishing personal piece 'Ghost Love':

Hands, Ghost Love, Crop, Watercolor, 2014
Head, Ghost Love, Crop, Watercolor, 2014
Waves, Ghost Love, Crop, Watercolor, 2014
Van Gogh-esque Mediterranean Coast Sky, Dream, Ghost Love, Crop, Watercolor, 2014
Colorful Layering Painting Process, Ghost Love, Crop, Watercolor, 2014
To review, here is the graphite drawing that I am working off of:

'Ghost Love', Graphite, 13.5x18", 2014

That's all of a progress update for now, but visit back again for more underway in the Studio, and soon after the interim and it's other work, the finished painting of Ghost Love will be here with all the gory details behind completion.


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