02 April 2015

"What's Happening Now" - Moving March and the Interim

I'm not sure how the Ides went for you lot, but whew, on the whole, March went by in an ernest blur.

Between Buffalo, NY and  Lancaster, PA, the relentless cold of the northerly country quickly paled into the wet warmth of a quick Spring; as soon as I made my way south, startlingly steady 50+ degree fine weather replaced 20 and below snows.

My preparation to move Studio involved the two eternal imperatives: books and weapons...Bit of a violent streak there? ...The rest are out of camera frame.

{Moving} Books and swords are imperative! 
Suffice it to say, it was a bit of a squash in the car, and I drove down in a straight shot over the wee hours in the morning, arriving in my old college town by 5am. But that's another story, well worth the telling, to the appropriate audience.

Green is the color of home:

I'm back, baby! 
And then it was my birthday. In the middle of new paintings getting done and new work schedule settling in, a box-burdened mess of a fresh space, a deconstructed studio, and no lights, or internet, or...Well you get the picture.

A better picture would be the market fresh, birthday Spring-themed, green and floral salad I tossed up on my otherwise minimal day:

Art is in everything, especially food, and there lies the little celebrations:

Sunflower shoots with sugar snap peas, parsley, purple green onion, pansies, and others, with a grapefruit honey vinaigrette.

Here's to April, my favorite month, by just a smidge. And here's to longer sunlight, Gallery Row skylines, bigger work, and new friends.

April 1st, 2015

Follow up next for the catch-up full reveal of my new piece "Aderyn", meaning 'bird', in Welsh.

New reading, what's inspiring now, and art-behind-the-scenes to come in this month's posts!

Until then,
Happy Spring!


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