19 May 2015

"Scrap Sneaks" - We All Need Our Playtime

Back in January, for the initiatory post of 2015, I talked about reinforcing the Art Dispatch with content sub-categories that reflect further areas in which us artists, and art-supporters, find value.

It isn't enough to stop at the final image, we all want to look behind the stage curtains, go back into the wings, and explore what the dance looks like before the spotlight hits the show. (I was a ballet dancer, can you tell?)

These further, deeper, areas of value I'm talking about are "stories" sharing experiences and entertainment within the life of being a creative, "inspiring" material worth exploring and sharing the benefits of, "learned" insights into failures and the process of improvement, "reading" material that lends education and further creativity, and of course, the "process"  tidbits giving a visual face to all the intellectual and emotionally creative 'muscle flexing' going on.

And no matter what our lifestyle complications or professional preoccupations, no matter how devoted we are to a serious and stressful project, we all need our playtime. How else are we going to work out the knots and the tension, shake out the burden we've both personally and socially been inflicted with, or discover fresh verve for the creations to come?

We do it by allotting permission and time for creativity without an agenda.

For me, having worked in the glorious safety of graphite grayscale until 2010, I still feel color is my "new world", the undiscovered country, as it were, and so, color is what I want to play with.

No pressure, no high expectations, no masterpieces, just play.

{Preview} "Melissae - 'The Bees'"

Here's some of my 'show & tell' scrap sneaks for my current version of playtime:

"April Bluebird"

From Series II of A Madcap Credo, I've hit a good note on a fresh mixed media approach, cropping composition, and stylizing with a vaguely Leyendecker-esque negative space framework.
My personal satisfaction in this monthly side project has increased my productivity, easily.

*Click on the image captions for links to the full images, background, and more.

"May Day"
And sometimes, even while playing, things can go wrong. Or right. And then you change it entirely.

Here's a {preview} of a finish before I went back into it and changed it entirely:

"Melissae" Final BEFORE I changed it again.

A final version of the new finish will be posted soon, in it's own "behind-the-scenes" blogpost to follow.


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Until shortly,
Happy creating!


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