15 September 2015

"What's Inspiring Now" - Edgar Maxence {1871-1954}


Edgar Maxence. Currently the fresh discovery in my little (but slowly expanding) art realm who's work is a validation of much of my creative interests since I was a small child.

It continues to astound me the depth to which we artists can delve and still 'unearth' tens of thousands of beautiful works of art, brilliant past and present artists. There are so many creators in this world, and have been, throughout our part in history, that to think we - as devotees of art - can be justified in limiting our influencers to those mass-accepted rock-stars is, in a word, blind.

It takes time, energy, effort of attention and study, to continue exploring artists as yet unknown to ourselves, so it's understandable that all this work doesn't permeate the field too far from it's original society.

Still - I had never heard of Edgar Maxence! I'm stunned at myself, and more than a little disappointed I had not found him sooner. Perhaps it was my limited art education, or the fact that I have been educated in America, where only big names from other cultures are mentioned in this country? Or, certainly, the fact that I have never committed doggedly to names and dates of as many other artists as I could find, over the years. As I said, it's hard to learn about everyone.

Edgar Maxence was a French painter, born in 1871, died in 1954, trained at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He studied under the noted Gustave Moreau, a symbolist painter, and created much of his work utilizing the female archetype as a vehicle for his symbolic compositions.
And he worked in many mediums besides the traditional oil paint - often mixed media.

I love this chap.

Jeune Fille Rousse Nourrissant Des Cygnes - Redhead Girl Feeding Swans, Edgar Maxence
{Watercolor and pastel!!! That's more my style}

Portrait De Jeune Fille - Portrait of a Young Girl - c.1900, Edgar Maxence 
L'Âme de la Forêt - The Spirit of the Forest - 1898, Edgar Maxence
L'Âme de la Forêt - The Spirit of the Forest - 1898, Edgar Maxence {Framed}

My own work is gaining momentum within the evolution of my personal symbolism, something I've always been inclined towards, but found myself suppressing during my training under the BFA program at PA College of Art & Design. Somewhere along the way, I lost touch with it, and therefore became more begrudging in creating work. It was a chore, trying to be an artist in line with ways of working that I didn't inherently resonate with. And I kept doing it, after school.

It's taken me these last few years after graduating from the illustration program with my degree, to re-cultivate an intimacy with the mythological and philosophically-inspired symbolism that gives me verve in my creativity, once more.
My work, I'm sure consequently, is less smothered and repressed by imposed convention, and more self-sovereign, visceral, and ready to come forth. It's braver. I feel braver.

It's an ever-unfolding experience, learning and growing forward as a creator, and we must cultivate a diverse 'garden' of both gods and fellow mortals of artists in our inspirational repertoire, all the while keeping the fire of our own unique vision.

Don't forget the inclinations that drove you in your art from your youth, and if you do a bit, then you'll find your way back by reaching out into the unknown - whether it's exploring the world, art, or other disciplines and relationships that truly touch you on a deep level - and discovering new things that trigger the inclinations buried within.

Always push forward.

More work coming soon!

In the meantime,
Happy creating!


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