17 October 2015

At the Artists' Cooperative - Themed Life Study Session "Huntress of Cameroon"

When schedules allow, I enjoy the creative camaraderie of our local artists' group co-op and the themed sessions held there, not to mention the inspiring model reference available to work from.

This month we've managed to schedule in the well-suited Hawa Lassanah for a "Huntress of Cameroon" staged and costumed pose.

Unfortunately for time, I was at my own gig, modeling for the school's figure drawing class down the street, so once work was taken care of, I had only the tail end of the day to drop by and join in with everyone else!

It was worth it.

Much needed conversation and critique aside for other work, I got to explore the subject matter in a sketch that evolved in my little book over the course of a few twenty-minute segments. I also came away with full on reference shots for future work with the pose, as it can happen.

Here's an example of the day:

Graphite sketch, evolving drawing, Model Hawa Lassanah, Lancaster PA, 2015
Model Hawa Lassanah, Sample Reference Photo, 2015
Thank you to the Fulton Street Art's Cooperative in downtown Lancaster, PA, for another great gathering and group experience.

For however short or long a time can be managed, it is always wonderful seeing old and new friends, talking shop, and sharing in those supportive exchanges.

More material to be safely stored and picked at, as things allow!

*Next on the Art Dispatch - Process scrap sneaks of the seasonally themed latest painting!


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