03 December 2015

Infected by Art? Submit to IBA 4!

This year I took the stab and submitted a handful of relatively recent works for the call to enter Infected By Art's annual international illustrative art book. It's a prestigious contest-based annual publication, to be sure. But it isn't about being defeatist and assuming you or your work is not at the level to be accepted. It's about testing yourself out in amongst an international playing field of varied skill level with imaginative representational art.

So enter!

I'm excited and nervous, but ultimately satisfied I took the shot, and am forgetting about the results until they show up, for better or worse. Either way, it's a learning experience.

Here're the works that I've entered for the jury's consideration:


"Made New"

"Ghost Love"

"No Man's Land"

"Orchis In His Hands"

"Welsh Immortals"

{CLICK for larger view}

Fifth entry was free, but they were all fairly cheap, considering the world of gallery and publication submission fees.

Looking forward to hearing more, and browsing the latest submissions on the IBA website.

You can view all the IBA 4 contest entries HERE

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