06 May 2011

Discovering Textures in Pennsylvania Country

I must say I am still going at arranging time enough to get my thesis paintings fully scanned and viewable for posting both here as well as on my official website, so it shouldn't be long now, but in the meantime, I have some photos (not taken by me, but by an accompanying friend) of my recent trek out into Perry county woodland. It was quite refreshing and fun, and allowed for the much long awaited revival of the good old wilderness days.

Thanks to Nelson Potter for the invitation to and hosting of his home, as well as Emily Warren for the aid in transportation and for photos - and of course to Emily Atkins for those scrumptious cornbread squares.

This is me, snapped unexpectedly by Emily Warren, fellow illustrator specializing in three dimensional work. See www.emilyroseillustration.com for more. 2011.


  1. Looks like a place by where I live, Watkins Glen.

    How was the senior show this year/ Thesis work?
    I un(fortunately) live nowhere near Lancaster.

  2. Hm, I don't know Watkins Glen.

    The senior show was quite pleasant to be at, and seemed busy enough. I've got some photos of the event on Mairin-Taj Caya Illustration (facebook). They will be on this blog shortly too.
    The senior year had many disappointments and frustrations which I occasionally confronted. Spending energy on such things though really never gets one anywhere, as the administration says it is willing to listen, or play at listening, but nothing much besides. That is all another story entirely.
    I was happy with the thesis work I managed in the time I had. I look forward to getting any responses on the blog as soon as I post the stuff. My deadline is within the next few days, so check the paintings out - soonish - and let me know what you think, if you like.

  3. I love that you had added: "scrumptious cornbread squares" made me chuckle! Next trip CAMPING in Potters County very deep wooded there, should remind you of home

  4. I would greatly enjoy that! And Potters County is right beneath New York, correct? So the cross over of forest would fit.
    Let me know a head of time, and maybe we could meet some people there...