09 May 2011

Senior Show & Thesis Work

At last, I have my thesis work on Iron John - the original Grimm version - properly scanned for viewing.

Also, I have some photos taken of the Senior Show celebration day, which was quite a fun event, despite not having slept for a very long time. (Note red, hazy eyes).

Me in front of my work and postcards, 2011 Senior Show.
Iron John, Cover & Full Title Page, 12 3/4 x 16 1/2", Watercolor.
Detail, Iron John Cover, Watercolor.

Iron John, Double Page Spread, Interior, 16 1/2 x 25 1/2", Watercolor.
Iron John, Double Page Spread, Interior, 16 1/2 x 25 1/2", Watercolor.
I was terribly rushed on this one, the battle scene which takes place about midway through the book, and I was terribly excited to do it, so, in order to fulfill my interests with it, I will be doing it again in the time I think is best. Updates on it will be posted. 

Iron John, Double Page Spread, Interior, 16 1/2 x 25 1/2", Watercolor.
Detail, Princess, Final Interior, Watercolor.
Detail, Belt, Final Interior, Watercolor.
Detail, Landscape, Final Interior, Watercolor.

Me and Dad, 2011 Senior Show.
Me and Mom, 2011 Senior Show.
I look forward to sending off my book dummy and sample work to publishers. Any news on that front shall be posted as well. And as always, feedback is welcome!

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  1. Great great great!

    I really like the looseness of the paint and the colors you're choosing. It all has a very natural feel to it.

    I especially like the castle landscape/two figures cropped into a frame piece. The lighting in the landscape is sweet. Reminds me of rolling hills.

    Awesome work.
    keep at it


  2. Jason-
    Thanks so much!

    It is interesting to explore how my work is evolving, and I think working in watercolors large scale is the right direction for the results I want, and even for the process to be more enjoyable.
    I tried to ground the aesthetic in 12th-13th century German style, choosing geographical sites and castles that fit the description of the land traversed in the story, and that were old enough. The castle exhibited is from Cochem, along the Mosel River in the west. The forests there seemed to suit, being so expansive.

    I shall certainly keep at it, and hopefully this book will be published.

  3. You have very cute red, hazy eyes. I remember staying up with you, then having to go to the cafe to let you finish..and then everyone praising the very painting which you were least satisfied with! Face it, even your bad work is good! Well, better than most people's good work.

    Iron John - as near and dear as Cailleach, and I think your most impressive painting yet. He is precisely right, and quite admirable. I like the simple horn-heraldry which you finally decided on, and a formidably precise use of gold! The four-panel boy is very clearly organized, and the golden pond presents a perfect transition. The battlefield - while indeed lacking in some of your more characteristic finesse - still conveys a clear motion, interestingly not to the figures so much as the scape itself, which must be something like how a battle of that sort appears, all moving with the smoke...

    And what a wonderful belt! I know how fond you are of it, and rightly so! A fairly small detail, which lends a remarkable sense of detail to the larger image. You recall my doubts about the tapestry? They were completely unfounded. Concerning your landscapes, I can only say that they grow more lush and engaging with every attempt - as do your skies.

  4. Mal,
    You are generous in your comments. I appreciate your interest, very much. Thank you.

    I was very self-conscious that day, feeling as though I was doing my utmost to squint through my tired puff at people! But it was a good finale.

    I don't know about my bad work being good. I still am afraid of posting that battle scene anywhere. I think I only have it up here, and it is so small that no one can see the horrors I know are there! It certainly isn't on my two websites, or on facebook. But it was up for the show!

    I am - to this day - on good and bad terms with Iron John. I was deeply invested while painting him, the cover/full title page piece, and I know where I wish my process had retained it's integrity. But, I'll leave it at that. Maybe I'll get to do the real thing if it gets published, and then I'll be fully satisfied.

    The horns were a wonderful, serendipitous moment of sketchbook doodling and thinking. They came along, and the other ideas were instantly out.

    Yes, the belt uses an old Germanic illuminations design that I happened on. I enjoyed it.

    Thank you.