05 June 2011

Some Gestural Design...

I have doodled up some gestures recently on assignment for a local illustrator.

I love playing around with the concept of mermaids, and have been drawing and playing with the aesthetic of them since I started at the age of three. These are some lounging gestures that I managed in my sketchbook, using myself for reference.

Mermaid Gestures, Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5


  1. They're looking good.
    I'm sure you've seen these paintings, BUT...when I think mermaid this is what comes into mind


    And did you use ref? This may seem weird, but the breast feel real? Not sure how to put that but the torso has weight going for it.

  2. Thanks Jason.
    Yes, I love that painting, and it speaks to my own thoughts on mermaid anatomy. Love it.

    Yeah, I mentioned above that I used myself for ref. I took some photos of myself here and there, to get that weight and twist that I wanted. I thought it was key to the expression of her lounging.

  3. These images are the most attractive, most engaging, most sexy and sensual representations on the internet...or anywhere. The thought that you can both represent them AND depict them - more so.