15 December 2011

Old Woman Winter Visits Us...

A decent way back, on the 28th of Januray, I talked about the work I put into Cailleach, a prompt for a winter-themed greeting card.

Here is the entry, for those interested in a catch-up:

It took some time, but I found my way back to the painting board with this one. I was always annoyed by the treatment of the border; there was a bland, incomplete element to it that made Cailleach come off flimsy, dull, or just bald.

I revisited the thoughts I had had before it was about splashing it on quickly. I revisited the inspirational sample illumination (also in the original message link above).

Here is the result:

Cailleach, Watercolor, 2011.
Detail One
Detail Two
For some Winter Holiday fun, I also decided to take this for a test run round to my friends, family, and creative community. The greeting cards turned out alright and should be arriving at their various destinations soon.

Wishing warmth, light, and cheer through this holiday season and into the new year.


  1. Wish I could order a few of these for Christmas cards! Amazing work.

  2. Isocrates,

    Thanks very much.

    Cailleach is available for card purchase, but you wouldn't get the cards in time for the holiday.

    If you would like to pre-order greeting cards for next holiday season, send me an email via my website:

    Take care!