28 January 2011

Cailleach From Winter Theme

Well, I went with the Cailleach personification of winter, the old Irish archetype. Considering the time frame I had and other projects within that time frame, I changed my mind about my interest in playing around with oils, and used watercolor instead.
I still wish to pursue other completed versions of both of the sketches (shown in previous entry), and at such a time I think oils will be fun.

Serendipitously, an epic snowstorm - unusual for this region - pummeled through my town for roughly the two days I wished to work on this piece! I spent happy hours building with the brush when otherwise I would have had class. Class was canceled! Lovely week.

"Cailleach", 10x14", Watercolor. Mairin-Taj Caya 2011.

This is a Celtic illumination sample which I found in one of my books, this one called "The Celtic Book Of Days" by Caitlin Matthews, which I used as an inspiration for the weave and knot work color theme.

From "The Celtic Book of Days", by Caitlin Matthew, 1995.
And this is my color comp thumb. Things obviously changed a tad.

Color Comp, Cailleach. Mairin-Taj Caya 2011.


  1. I know it sounds a bit silly but have you ever tried using illuminating ink good leaf? It may create a wonderful effect similar to that of the Book of Kells.

  2. Good leaf? Do you mean gold leaf? I have not tried it, as I generally have a thing against metallic additions, but I like the idea of trying it. Thanks for the thought!
    I am familiar with the Book of Kells illuminations, which are generally much more complex than what I was after here, but the sample knot work I posted has a similar look, and the yellow gold of that was something I appreciated.

    I am rather still on the fence about the coloring of the border in this piece actually...

  3. I do enjoy how the old lady turned out - a near and dear archetype for the both of us, I think! I'm not sure what it is, but I'm less thrilled with the border on this one. Perhaps it's simply my comparison to the crone herself - also, you were a wee bit rushed, if I recall. Hm...

    To think, though, that Bob tried to hide her behind the blackboard in his office! For shame, Bob.

  4. Yes - hah - I talked about my thoughts to revise the border in this one in my reply to a post of yours earlier. I read that one first!

    (If interested, follow up on that reply at: