25 August 2012

'Thank You' Doodle Experimentation

A while back I posted a handful of imagery from my sketchbook featuring a few things ('In The Studio' http://mairintajcaya.blogspot.com/2012/05/in-studio_17.html), one of which was a doodle of a man in a courtly tunic and hose, bowing - in what is is hoped to be viewed as an appreciative way - towards the viewer.

Well, I wanted a little experimentation mixed in with other projects (more of which will be posted here shortly, as well as on the website), so I put the doodle on some watercolor paper and came up with the following. I took a few 'process' photos as I went, really just for my own sake. I'm learning more from phases of painting, where I go too far on something, where I could have changed direction, that sort of thing.
So, here goes:

At the desk in the studio...From drawing to painting.
Process Photo, at the desk.
Completed Scan.
Detail Scan Crop.

I took notes as I worked, as I have taken to do from time to time while in the studio. I am gaining my ground as an artist, trying to analyze the process to better understand - and therefore work with - what works and what doesn't. So, this piece left me with a quizzical expression, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, no?

I have been away from the internet for some time, so a bunch of recent work will be uploaded here shortly. I've done all the scanning and editing, I just need to post! I also need to update my website...



  1. Reminds me of the end of a Shakespeare play; I like it!

  2. Ah, but which? Or do you mean in general?

    Thanks for the comment, -E-. It is much appreciated.

    Good 'o and well met!