31 January 2013

Promotional Face for 'Winter's Waning - An Imbolc Rite', January 26th

Starting off the hopefully full-to-bursting year 2013 - along with a movie poster, shop opening, and other commissions yet to be cleared for expounding on publicly - I was contacted by a pagan church group in Chicago, IL. via a highly respectful, considerate inquiry about using one of my 'Cailleach' pieces for an upcoming event promotion.

Winter's Waning - An Imbolc Rite:
Featuring a workshop on the 'Hag of Winter' Celtic archetype, Cailleach.

As stated on my Facebook business page, thank you Angie Buchanan and all for seeking me out, asking permission, and sharing my work with others. I appreciate your interest, respect, and enthusiasm. Take care, and here's to a vibrant Spring! 

*And please note, the massive amount of work and information I have on the movie poster will be presented here, in classic blog break-down, as well as my official website and Facebook business page, soon. I am still waiting on the thumbs-up for the official poster reveal, party, and follow-up preparation for film release. 
More to come!

Thank you, happy 2013, and keep up intentional creativity.


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