10 February 2013

Banner Maid

Alright, so it started as a doodle. In my sketchbook. Quite right, it just slid out of my head via the medium of graphite...
I was frustrated for a time, as the idea had been swimming around up there for a while, perpetually seeking expression.
With several notions in mind for its ultimate circulation and promotional function, I set to...and here is the unexpected result:
(More background information at the bottom)

'Banner Maid', Watercolor & Ink, Newsletter & Shop Promotion, 2013.

To start, I've had the graphite sketch scan on my Facebook pages for a little while, and I wish to convey my appreciation and joy to those who received the initial viewing with enthusiasm. Thank you, folks!
I'll show the graphite sketch here again, progressing into the process photos through different stages, and then of course, the finish painting details, for those interested.

'Banner Maid', Graphite Sketch, Sketchbook, 2013
'Banner Maid', Process Photo One, 2013
'Banner Maid', Process Photo Two, 2013
Studio Setting, Process, 2013
'Banner Maid', Sketch Version Crop, Watercolor & Ink, 2013.
'Banner Maid', Detail One, Watercolor & Ink, 2013.
'Banner Maid', Detail Two, Watercolor & Ink, 2013.
'Banner Maid', Detail Three, Watercolor & Ink, 2013.
'Banner Maid', Detail Four, Watercolor & Ink, 2013.

The concept of 'heralding' news from the studio and website shop was a component of this concept's composition, hence the conch shell horn, the banner motifs (some design work of which is intended as a respectful nod to dear Maxfield Parrish and N.C. Wyeth), and the three symbols on the right-hand banner - from top to bottom - 'Prints', 'Greetings', & 'Originals', the three branches of focus on my website shop.
And then of course my 'mark' on the left-hand scroll.
I'm infrequent at the use of ink, at best, so this was a different direction for me. I new fairly from the start however that I was fancying the application to this idea, though. So, shortly into laying on the ink at the end, I was pleased to find it going quite swiftly.

More to come on the further recycling of this idea.
Check back for more!


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