19 May 2014

New Portfolio Update - 'The Garden' - Part IV

I've finalized the preliminaries as much as I need them to be done, in the graphite form, and while I have a few additional notes for the painting stage reserved, this stage is done.

Transfer has commenced - From the compilation scan that you will see following here, I will print out an 18x28" copy of the same-sized original and transfer that to the hot press watercolor paper, formatted accordingly, via light table method.
In the process of transering, I will add in the 'additional notes' that I have set aside to make on the painted version, and these you will NOT see in the drawing compilation below.

The drawing compilation is essentially a merging of the sketchbook-drawn figures and the sketchbook-drawn background environment using Photoshop:

'The Garden' Final Compilation Preliminary, Graphite, 2014.

To recap the content from previous Part posts -

The Garden is, philosophically, that place where the psyche is when we fall in love, when we cultivate a relationship with Love. To love is an act of environmentalism, no? Learning to tend to the growth of oneself, another, and the geography of the relationship created by your two, ever merging worlds. When we leave a love, we leave the Garden, we drop our sheers, trowels, and watering cans, we neglect the landscape, and it turns wild, away from our nurtured intimacy with it, which gave it light and color.

These two figures are in a garden of sorts, after all, surrounded by the flora and fauna of their courtship, as it were.

Like the Fool, he stands confidently, naively bare-skinned to the world and his own actions, disarmed and offering a red rose, the symbol of passionate love. Possibly also the foreshadowing of his own careless haste; he's willing so long as the moment is on him.

Gently holding the purple lilac, the beginning inkling of love, and with fingers only just tentatively removing from her friend of a blade, she steps forward, amused, interested, watchful, hopeful. She's torn and undone from journeys through the landscape, but ready for this.

They are both barefoot in their woodlands, entering the clearing...like children.

And between them, where they meet in the circle of the garden, the oak sapling playing the role of whatever measure of strength young lovers plant and tend together, so long as they are together.

For more background on the concept of this portfolio piece #5, visit 'The Garden' - Part I , 'The Garden - Part II, & 'The Garden' - Part III

'The Garden' Background Environment *Edited Photograph of 18x28" Graphite Drawing, 2014.

'The Garden', Detail on Sword, Graphite, 2014.
Scan of Figures, Graphite, 2014.

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