15 April 2014

New Portfolio Update - 'The Garden' - Part III

'The Garden - Part II'

Here is the next stage as a sneak peak - finished preliminaries for the final, costumed characters of 'The Garden'.

As # 5 in a series of nine, this 'double page spread' style formatted painting is a sanctuary of sorts, a riddled respite amidst the more tumultuous concerns of the portfolio which surround it.

Like the Fool, he stands confidently, naively bare-skinned to the world and his own actions, disarmed and offering a red rose, the symbol of passionate love. Possibly also the foreshadowing of his own careless haste; he's willing so long as the moment is on him.

Gently holding the purple lilac, the beginning inkling of love, and with fingers only just tentatively removing from her friend of a blade, she steps forward, amused, interested, watchful, hopeful. She's torn and undone from journeys through the landscape, but ready.

They are both barefoot in their woodlands, entering the clearing...like children.

'The Garden' Final Figurative Preliminaries, Graphite, 2014.
The environment and the final, cohesive pre-painting drawing to follow!

Next up, 'Pasithea'.

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