23 June 2014

'Ghost Love' - The Warning Dream

'Ghost Love' crystallized under a different title, but it was a title that served as a foundation for the true identity of the concept - ghost love - which was a phrase used between myself and the participant of the life experience alluded to. I decided that using the phrase we had favored in conversation for the final title was most descriptively succinct. I will keep the original title to myself.

There was also a dream, a very vivid dream, that I afterwards referred to as 'The Warning Dream', which featured exactly the scene of (what will be more colorfully apparent in the painted version) the Mediterranean coast, a patch of Van Gogh-like emotionally garish sky, and otherwise swiftly moving, realistic sea-storm clouds and rain beyond a small cliff edge, merging into the torrential space of the accosted figure somewhat disengaged from the geography below.

But the rest of the intricacies and small, significant moments will wait until the painting is finished. Until further elaboration, here is the final preliminary graphite drawing for 'Ghost Love':

'Ghost Love', Pre-Painting, Graphite, Rough, 2014
'Ghost Love', Detail One, Graphite, 2014
'Ghost Love', Detail Two, Graphite, 2014
'Ghost Love', Detail Three, Graphite, 2014
Process Photo One, 2014
Process Photo Two, 2014

The drawing is set up for transfer to the painting stage and will maintain it's dimensions of 13.5x18".

In the next installment of this piece, I will address the gesture, the hands in their color form, and the quality of drowning.

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