09 June 2014

Hypnos & Pasithea Part III

For both initial sketches, background, content explanation, and the 'Hypnos' piece component of this project, visit Part I and Part II, respectively.

Now, 'Pasithea' - one of the youngest of the Graces, or 'Kharites', representing relaxation and visions.  Poppy blooms tumble about her, for her association with hallucination and Hypnos, whose symbol is the poppy.
Pasithea's name in Greek is at the bottom, with the English version reflected back at the top.

'Pasithea', Watercolor & white acrylic, 2014.
'Pasithea', Detail, Watercolor & white acrylic, 2014.
'Hypnos & Pasithea', Watercolor & white acrylic, 2014.

These dual portraits do not require paired representation. They can be separate in showing and in purchase, but I thought I'd show what they look like next to one another, as an option.

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