26 November 2014

Preview Preliminary - 'Abolishing Monsters'

I have a number of works to interject here before the end of the year turns over into 2015!

Dear followers and friends, I know I haven't posted anything in quite some time, and I intend to rectify that, despite the fresh batch of heavy winter weather that has my need for scanning finished or process works severely thwarted...

I have here a preview of a piece that is indeed finished, but has yet to be rescanned correctly. (Long story, but in short, it's too large for scanning in one piece, and the attendant at Office Max fudged one half, making them unsuitable to merge into one file...I need to get it done again).

I'm quite excited about the piece, though. It's called 'Abolishing Monsters', and is in it's finished state, pre-painting.

Once I get the scans merged into one satisfactory file, I shall post it in all it's glory here, but for now, here is a preview:

'Abolishing Monsters', Graphite, Top Half, 2014
Studio Process Shot, Graphite Hands!
Check back for the finished upload, and for more on the content, as well as further recent work and project updates - I'm catching everyone up!


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