26 November 2014

'Ghost Love' - Finally, the Final!

For context, process, and concept origin, featuring a vivid dream and a biographical event, visit back to the first few posts:

Ghost Love - The Warning Dream (Stage I)

Painting Progress - Ghost Love (Stage II)

Catching you up in these next several posts with new content, from portfolio to side projects and events that have been my focus, I am happy to finally get this piece scanned properly and presented! It is long overdue.
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Ghost Love:

'Ghost Love' - The Warning Dream, Watercolor on Hot Press, 13.5x19", 2014.
This personal painting was triggered into being by many interwoven events during a turbulent year of change for me, throughout 2013, and as may be apparent in the tittle, it holds significant value for me. It is melancholy, it is foreboding, it is suspended in a mix of hope and loss, and it is oddly futuristic, while harking back to a past of sorts.

'Ghost Love', Detail One, Watercolor, 2014
It pictures that space between the two, that moment when we could almost see the space closing and their hands grasping tightly again, safe and secure. But it is just enough space for that reunion to be unlikely, just enough space for more to grow from it, and the falling one to fall away for good. 

'Ghost Love', Detail Two, Van Gogh-esque Dream Sky Over A Mediterranean Coast, Watercolor, 2014
Ultimately, it is meant to function as a kind of frozen vision, memory, or knowing. A preservation, of sorts.

What an excellent function, of the many, that art has.

And here again is the graphite preliminary version I worked from:

'Ghost Love', Preliminary, Graphite, 13.5x18", 2014
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Always remembering,
Never forgotten,

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