23 December 2014

Yuletide Portrait Commission

Last minute commissions, print orders, and product sales are always a mix of serendipitous pleasure and frantic schedule maintenance, but I tend to balance both through my great enthusiasm for satisfying new or recurrent clients and contributing my skill to caring, festive people spreading their friendship and fondness for art. It's a wonderful way to engage in the holidays!

Gift-giving with the one of a kind and tailor made work of an artist is deeply supportive to those independent creatives in your community, or throughout your social network (and I personally thank those of you who have been coming to me for your go-to illustration and portraiture services!), but it also allows the gift-giver to initiate a rather unique and intimately valuable connection with their giftees.

Fitting in a new commission from a new client with my existing schedule, I had about a week, and only two days of actual painting, to complete this portrait of a much-loved animal friend for a local family, to commemorate his life, and his love.

I had an absolute uplifting time working on the little guy's smiling face, pictured as requested to capture maximum, accurate character.

Here is a recent example of a private commission portraiture piece in watercolor:

'Sam' Commemorative Portrait, Watercolor, 11x14", 2014.
One of many sample photo reference...
'Sam' Commemorative Portrait, Detail One, 2014.
'Sam' Commemorative Portrait, Detail Two, 2014.

For more samples of commission work, portraiture (animals, people, etc.), and to contact me directly for inquiries or comments, follow here to my website.

And for the brief remaining time before the winter holidays are upon us, I personally wish you all your own peace, rejuvenation, and joy for whatever you may be doing on the seasonal break, and wherever you are.
And because today is the Winter Solstice, cheers! Keep the Fire going.


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