28 January 2015

New Year = Renewed Stamina

This may be belated - if a wish for a good year ahead can be belated still only within the first month of said year - but nevertheless, Happy 2015!

I'm making a healthy spread of updates, changes, and additions to the online presence that represents my work and conveys my art to you fair members of the world.

For a start, the blog has been refreshed with some key new imagery and features; I'm calling it the 'Illustration/Art Dispatch' to more accurately title a space designed for sharing and connecting on my 'art right now' experience.
You can also translate the blog, read up on what I'm about, where I'm coming from, G+1, join me on Google+, shop directly in the store for a piece of art you enjoy in print, for your iPhone, on a t-shirt, or tote bag, and directly join my Newsletter, which is released just four times a year. Everything is readily available on the right side column.

But there's more I want to add!

So forgive this first post of the year serving as a 'to-do' outline, of sorts. I want to provide some information about my ideas, and I think this is a good place for doing so.

This year, this blog begins to function as an all-in documentation of the process I go through, dishing out choice but abundant behind-the-scenes extras, offering a kind of daily dispatch, if you will. I want to include new 'sub-categories' of content as we move forward and implement a better experience.

Here's what I have in store for you:

     "What I've Learned" - Reflections on Failures
     "What I'm Reading" - Sharing Discoveries
     "Scrap Sneaks" - Wherefores, Clowns, Small Previews (more on what that means later)
     "What's Inspiring Now" - Influential Art Works
     "Tell Me A Story" - Inspiring/Entertaining Writing/Experiences

And of course, in amongst the additions I will continue to document the process of illustrations and commissions, from concept to completion.

And to conclude the first post of the year, I'd like to remind you that it's more fun when you join in - Jump in with your comments, ideas, questions, or contact me directly using the right-side Contact Link, and I'll not only reply back within normal business hours, I will include relevant stories, contributions, or content in future posts!

I'm excited.
Let's get to it.


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