19 February 2015

Hoth, NY - Illustration & Products

I've been posting a steady stream of process snap-shots of this #wip on social media recently, and the positive response has further boosted my excitement to get this particular piece out and accessible for you all.

Hoth, "New York" is a Star Wars pastiche of sorts, playing on the winter experience in Western NY/Buffalo, as well as the upstate regions.

Having spent most of my childhood in Western NY, I am familiar with the Winter lake-effect snows. The last couple of seasons around my holiday visits have reminded me of the force (pun intended) of the regional storms.
As a kind of inside joke amongst Star Wars fans and natives of the area alike, the reference to Hoth has been circulating. On a visit recently, I made the reference myself; if you've got the thick skin from living and working through our winters, then you know that it fits!

So here’s my contribution to the movement. It's a different kind of NY pride:

    {And then check out the T-SHIRT version with more information below!}

(Hoth) New York - Star Wars Pastiche - Mixed Media, 2015.

New Yorkers, Star Wars junkies, you know what it takes to get through our winters, and you’ve consequently got the experienced toughness to make it on Hoth.

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Share your NY grit with this allusion to hard-core winter and the epic planet Hoth from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, original trilogy. SHOP HERE

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