20 February 2015

"What's Inspiring Now" - Kent Williams, Marc Scheff, Zelda Devon, & Eric Fortune - And a New Project Preview!

To be entirely honest, there is far more than this brief selection of artists' work inspiring and informing my creativity at any given time.

I find my creative energy is best fed by multiple resources, project outlets, and playful directions at once. Otherwise, I tend to get too quickly bored, disheartened, emotionally stagnant, or just artistically dull.
And I'm learning more how I don't want to be dull with my creativity. It makes me feel like a big, worn spoon, and I'd rather hack away at the creative feast with a carving knife, honing finesse, precision, cleanliness, and impact.

If this need for split attention and divergent exploration means I have a smorgasbord of personal imagery to show as a result, then so be it. I'm keen to gain stronger direction out of ambidextrous expression.

Overspecialization is old.

I've been looking again at Kent Williams' work:

"Mother and Daughter" - By Kent Williams

Finding some new intrigue in a few recent pieces by Marc Scheff:

"Argus" - From the "Three Greeks" Series - By Marc Scheff

I've been really drawn to the conceptual flair of Zelda Devon:

"Fragments" - By Zelda Devon, Drawn by Kurt Huggins

And Eric Fortune's sleek stylization in emotive perspective is always intriguing:

"Lie's Objective" - By Eric Fortune

I've started a quick piece for a contest, which serendipitously came out of concepts I've been dwelling on - and writing on - considering inner happiness, creative voice, and the plugged-in tech vogue of current culture. 
I wanted to create something to begin visualizing this recent writing of mine, but it was an extra egging-on edge to have it repurpose into an external project.

Here's a detail shot of the drawing in the meantime:

Detail Snap Shot - WIP - Graphite

Much appreciation and respect to the inspiration, as always.


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