09 May 2016

"Currently In Show" - "Little Saint" at the Sunshine Gallery Community Exhibition!

I have been so absorbed in producing latest works and process development, as well as attending these shows and other friends shows, that I've been forgetting to post about them!

Well, I participate in an annual community exhibition for the city of Lancaster held at the Sunshine Gallery, where 10x10" cradled wood boards are provided for each participating artist to do...something...with.

It was a fun challenge for me, as I've never worked on cradled wood before.

I've been developing thoughts, sketches, studies, and concepts for this recent immersion into the mythology and cultural history of trees, and I wanted to continue working with the subject for the show.

So I put this little chappie out there - A little "saint":

"Little Saint" - Mixed Media on Cradled Wood, 2016

Some look at the process of exploration playing this concept into a cohesive finished work:

Gold-leafing is the next step, followed by more layers of matte medium:

"Little Saint" is now available for purchase


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