31 January 2011

Totem-Self-Portrait Color Concept

So, as a concept portrait, not as a finished illustration, I find that this was an interesting and partially gratifying exercise.
Considering the technical work and the execution, I do not think I was at my best, or working terribly clearly. In this I am dissatisfied. There are areas of heavy layering and areas of unfocused, unclear, unfinished handling.  It is something to note however, considering the "stepping-stones of learning", if you will.

Color Concept, Watercolor. Mairin-Taj Caya 2011


  1. This one surprised me awhile back since it looked pleasantly as if the "you"-ness of the portrait seemed to be actually in process of morphing into the hawk. Any chance you may continue with thee owl totem? kc-moss

  2. That class was atrocious, though. I mean - The Prophecy Machine? The man is an idiot.

    That said, you did many wonderful things within absurdly cramped, disorganized, and badly styled prompts.

    I will very much enjoy seeing your own totemic portraits, when you get to them. You put a great deal of research and philosophy into your concepts, and it shows well.

  3. Karen,
    Yes, I should like to continue with the owl one very much, but I do not think it will be addressed terribly soon. Interestingly, a new project as a part of a series I am working on for Portraiture is indirectly connected with the owl one. That will be up here eventually!

    Thank you for your comments about my research and philosophy. I am always intent on maintaining conscious composition and purpose with what I create, even if it is a doodle.