22 January 2011

Winter-Themed Ideas

Prompted by my Greeting Card elective, I came up with these two slightly similar concepts for the personification of Winter. The idea for the course is to make an image for the winter holiday season for a gift card, but in my sketching, I decided, whatever the outcome for the class, I would very much like to paint both of these, perhaps even one other, out of sincere enthusiasm for the practice. I am hoping to get in some more exploration in oils with these, as my other work this (final!) semester is watercolor.

I played with a slightly Scandinavian theme with the Snow Queen for one, and the Old Hag of Ireland (and Scotland) named Cailleach (who strikes the earth with her hammer and turns it iron hard for the winter months) for another. I enjoyed the bit with the Celtic weaving and knot work. I may have to fiddle with Cailleach's head a bit more.

So, here they are, and we shall see which one I complete for the class deadline first. I image I'll get to the other one(s) at a later time, when I can.

Snow Queen, 5x7". Mairin-Taj Caya 2011.

Cailleach, 5x7". Mairin-Taj Caya 2011.

1 comment:

  1. Your expressive use of line, along with simple, succinct and related details of texture, and then color, make these depictions speak clearly of the winter season's intensity as well as it's space for taking rest/renewal... kc-Moss