23 July 2011

Winter Reflection

In the various maintenance tasks with which I have been occupying my time of late, I happened to be browsing through recent works on my blog, sifting through scanned paintings that needed editing on Photoshop, etc, and then quickly discovered I was missing some heretofore assumed posts!

This past Spring semester - my final one at PCAD! - I posted a series of rough and tight sketches of greeting card-inspired Winter holiday imagery. I also posted the one finished painting and color comp, but not the other! In retrospect, I think it was the fast rush of Senior Thesis work which diverged my attention, because despite finishing the second winter theme piece, I never managed to put it up.

So, here it is, the second of the two ideas completed in watercolor. For some sense of recollection or review, here also is the title of the original post - way back when. Comments welcome!

Also, the first painting post:

"Snow Queen", 10 x 14", Watercolor.
Detail 1
Detail 2

Cailleach Detail 1
Cailleach Detail 2


  1. Wonderful blog! I really like your
    watercolor paintings and gesture drawings.

  2. Hello Stephan, and thank you for your comment! I appreciate it. Like you, I plan to continue evolving and growing. Well met.

  3. I love seeing the scale of the little landscape - and how many different whites you use so deftly! Somehow, I like this brown border better than the golden Cailleach one...hm...

  4. Mal,
    Yes, I think my attempt at texture in the bordering of this one is a bit more on form.

    I appreciate the idea I had for the Cailleach border, but I intend to revisit it with a few small brushes and some additional coloring. I think I'll get round to that shortly, actually. It needs to be less "primary", less "fresh". I want it to feel a little more aged and less saturated, so I need to tweak it some.
    Then, I think, it will suit the interior image better.