05 March 2014

Hypnos & Pasithea - Part I

These two projects are separate paintings, but are paired in post form because, conceptually, they are married personifications; 'Hypnos' Greek god of sleep and the unconscious, and 'Pasithea', Greek goddess of rest & relaxation, one of the Kharites, or the Graces.

Myth is an old love of mine, no conceptual pun intended, and though it began with Celtic studies into my ancestry, I have a fascination in all mythos palettes, all cultures and aesthetics. In my Waldorf (Steiner) education, different mythologies were explored at length, and I still recall numerous blocks of study utilizing the Greek and Roman archetypes.
But only recently did I learn that Hypnos - Roman 'Somnus' - the dweller of Erebos, was wed to Pasithea, one of the youngest of the Graces representing (similarly) relaxation, etc.

And then, unintentionally, two portraits were born.

Halos of Greecian-designed light surround their heads in spheres of themed reverie - Black feathers of Hypnos' wings gently enfolding him in sleep, and poppy blooms tumbled about Pasithea, for her association with halucination and Hypnos, whose symbol is the poppy.

Each have their name in Greek at the bottom, with the English version reflected back at the top.

I will be making an alteration or correction in the painting stage of 'Hypnos', however, and that is to do with the light indications I made in the drawn version here.

So, heads up. Haha.

'Hypnos', Painting Preliminary, Graphite, 2013.
'Pasithea', Painting Preliminary, Graphite, 2014.

These two are on the painting boards and will be my color preoccupation for the present, while I attend to concept and graphite studies for other projects, simultaneously.  More on that to come.

And more on these two personifications in Part II! Visit back. 

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