22 March 2014

Hypnos & Pasithea Part II

In Part I I address the preliminary drawings for each of these paintings, and my reason for posting them under one heading, together - what their conceptual relationship is, and how I wanted the composition to allude to their mirror dynamic.

But, I am painting them separately, and consequently, one has been completed before the other.

Here is 'Hypnos' - Roman 'Somnus' - the dweller of Erebos, Greek god of sleep and the unconscious. The black feathers of Hypnos' wings gently enfolding him in his symbolic sleep.

*Note the alterations in the painted version from the drawn conceptual stage, alterations that I mentioned would be taking place in the previous post. I wanted the inner halo space to be just that - light, advancing out to a more design-based, Grecian, external halo, then the darkened negative space of his abode, rather than the drawn, line-work focused darkness of the inner halo from before. I needed a balance from his surrounding, and an aid to the asymmetry I was going for, so I think the light at the core is appropriate.

'Hypnos', Watercolor & white acrylic, 2014.
'Hypnos', Detail, Watercolor & white acrylic, 2014.

For more on the counter-piece 'Pasithea', see the link at the top for information in Part 1, or stop by again soon for Part 3, wherein she will be in full color!
She is currently on the painting board, while I work on a few other projects simultaneously.

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Happy creating, in the meantime - Mairin-Taj

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