22 March 2014

New Portfolio Update - 'The Garden' - Part II

['The Garden' - Part I]

As I work on several projects at once - partly for my own creative gratification and maintenance of productivity - the larger work evolves, and this is most certainly true for that of my bigger paintings.

'The Garden' has reached final figurative development, with only a few finishing touches on clothing and costume detail, now moving on to the environment structuring - a woods, and the garden itself.

Here are sample previews of the final stages described above. I'm keeping this brief because there is more to be revealed in its entirety, shortly.

Until then, a sneak peak! ...And other news to come, so check back.

'The Garden', Crop Detail Figure 2, Graphite, 2014.
'The Garden', Crop Figure 2, Graphite, 2014.
'The Garden', Crop Detail Figure 1 (revised), Graphite, 2014.

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