02 September 2011


Acquiring new (and old) books is a wonderful thrill, and speaking specifically (for the purposes of this blog) as an illustrator, ART books are even better. What with the sad but understandable situation with Borders going out of business, I found the time to stop by a local store to browse what might yet be available amidst the feverishly thinning shelves.

To my great delight, I found this:

And for clarity, it is Donato Giancola's Middle Earth book.

I got other books as well (naturally), and am quite content with an even larger than normal stack of literature and art to sift through. Natural Health for Cats (I have two), The Gallic War, other ancient history, and the rest of the usual and the exciting!

I have been in the studio at my parents' house in WNY, going at all manner of fun preoccupations, so more to come!

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