14 September 2011

Second Current Drawing To Painting Sample

Here is the second of the two projects I am currently working on.
The first piece, shown last of the "Greetings from the Studio" post, is on its way and will shortly be up.
Private Commission, Tight Sketch, Graphite, 2011.

And this is just a doodle of mine of a fun looking, coral-like mushroom I saw while out camping recently.
WNY Fungus, Graphite, 2011.


  1. Good to see your keeping yourself busy. I finished a horse painting I will post sketches for my next horse painting. I am going to be studying the French Academy Masters.

  2. Emily!
    Yes indeed. My following post (which I am just about to put together) will show a little more of that process.
    I do hope you have more to show me when I get back in town. Is your blog still going? Or is it only the carbonmade site now that you have up?
    Absolutely document as you go though, lass. : )

  3. I posted my latest painting study. It should be up if my blog is working. I deleted my facebook for the time because I find it distracting and annoying. It gives me more concentration on my work. A lot has been going on with me back here. Mostly not good. But I've been doing more sketching then working. My studio space it too small and frustrating to work in. I am looking at some housing in Lancaster with my friend Eddie. Check out my latest painting study if you haven't. : )

  4. Hmm, then we shall talk when I get back to Lancaster, lass.

    Cheers, and will do!
    Thanks for posting.