18 September 2011

Latest Private Commission

Alright - now that I have some time - here we go, the finish of what has been hinted at for the past few posts, along with some of the process. I have been celebrating someone's birthday today, so what I finished yesterday has had to wait until now.
There is another piece, possibly noticed by now to not yet be shown in its finished form? That would be the drawing from "Greetings from the Studio" (part one). I do have it on the desk, but I've been a bit busy with this finish and other projects (later to be shown).

I am quite happy with the process on this one here; I am also looking forward to where I can take this technical and conceptual development with the other projects.
Please feel welcome to leave comments.

Work space.
Private Commission, 8"x10", Watercolor, 2011.
Process detail one.
Process detail two.


  1. Your choice of palette and expression, I think, has accented two very characteristic personalities - well done, and clearly by someone who knows and appreciates these people.

    I see a lot more subtle complexity in this than in many of your other works...very careful, very conscious, and very successful. It is, of course, beautiful - but it is also clever, which I enjoy. You played with it, like an extremely talented cat. Even the framework of it is both deft and slightly mischievous.

    I'm glad you had a lot of fun with this one; I know how experimental approaches can get your nerves up. It turned out splendidly.

  2. Mal,
    Thank you!

    I wanted to address both of the people involved in some way - as they are a couple - while still emphasizing the person for whom the commission was to be given. So, taking into account the characters of both people, where they intertwined, and how they might best be sorted into the composition to reflect the purpose of it, I used a combination of varied color schemes and natural visual elements.

    I appreciate your observance of "subtle complexities". I think that it comes through in my new treatment of the brushes during the application of the color layers. I acted on some recent theories I have been contemplating for some time with this piece, and I feel happy with the results. I think it the method can grow more, yet.
    And it was tricky, because my senior thesis work (May: Senior Show & Thesis Work) was all about trying the colors on a large scale, with my newly clarified artistic direction; this piece was painted at roughly 8"x10"!

    Thanks for the comments. They are certainly appreciated, and fun to reply to!
    Take care,